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    Cool Interesting Links...
  • X10.COM - Your Home Automation, Entertainment and Security Supersite!.
  • Cable Modem - Your Cabel Modem reference!.
  • NAPSTER - The site for sharing/downloading MP3 songs!.
  • WINAMP MP3 PLAYER - Download the FREE MP3 player software to listen CD quality MP3 songs!.
  • TUCOWSSoftware, music, themes and games download site.
  • 4to40 - features stories, games, advice, and activities information.
  • Indiadiets - features a health, nutrition, and fitness portal.
  • Page at Pooh Corner - dedicated to the Pooh books by A.A. Milne.
  • Ruchi's Kitchen - includes party menues, conversions, and festival information.
  • TempleNet - features temples, temple architecture, festivals, fairs, beliefs, legends, tours, and abodes of Shakti, Shiva, Ganesha, Skanda, Surya, and Vishnu.
  • Sound of India - features raagas, taals, articles, and hindi movie classical songs archive.
  • Foreign Languages for Travelers - provides vocabulary words, sound files with pronunciation assistance, and a quiz to help you learn dozens of languages online.
  • Emode - self-testing psychology site. Includes tests on personality, IQ, relationships, careers, and health. Also provides a celebrity matchmaker.
  • Bhagavad-Gita - features verses in several languages and audible Sanskrit vocals.
  • Viagra Viagra Viagra - features jokes and cartoons.
  • CNET - provides news, reviews, downloads, web site building guides, and other resources.
  • - technology news, articles, how-to advice, and more for beginners and IT professionals.
  • ZDNet - product reviews, computing news, downloads, how-tos, developer guides, columns, and more.